Tedi Searle


Location: Utah


  • Photographer at Soldier Hollow Skijoring

Hi, I'm Tedi and I've lived in Utah since attending college at Utah State University.  I've been doing photography for Skijoring Utah for the last 4 years.  I learned about the sport from a friend and decided to go check it out with a camera in hand and was not disappointed.  I'm an outdoor and sports enthusiast with a passion for horses.  I run trail, backpack, horseback ride and play in sports tournaments.  I currently am training with a cute and opinionated thoroughbred mare as a hunter/jumper.  I love being outdoors and being fit.  Besides finding me behind a camera or in the mountains, you will find me coaching and speaking.  I love inspiring my students and clients and more importantly, they inspire me.   I love to meet new friends so feel free to fine me at Instagram.com/the_endorphin_junkie and instagram.com/Tedi.s.photo

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