Fiona & Phoebe Alverson Novice Winners.jpg

Fiona & Phoebe Alverson

Location: Helena, MT
Horse Name: Raven


  • 2020 Skijor West - Novice Winners (Girl"s Team)
  • 2019 Red Lodge Novice Winners
Horse Rider, Fiona Alverson, 14 years old and in the 8th grade.  She loves to ski, shop and run cross country and track.  She enjoys time with her friends ad riding her horse Raven.Fiona's sister and skier, Phoebe Alverson, is 12 years old and in the 6th grade.  This is her 4th year on the Skijoring Circuit.  She loves all animals especially lizards and skiing, playing soccer and running.  She likes to ride her horse Scooter on family pack trips in the summer.There are only a few "All women teams" and this team didn't fall far from the tree with Champion Rider, Dennis Alverson, as their dad.



Tedi Searle

Location: Utah


  • Photographer at Soldier Hollow Skijoring
Hi, I'm Tedi and I've lived in Utah since attending college at Utah State University.  I've been doing photography for Skijoring Utah for the last 4 years.  I learned about the sport from a friend and decided to go check it out with a camera in hand and was not disappointed.  I'm an outdoor and sports enthusiast with a passion for horses.  I run trail, backpack, horseback ride and play in sports tournaments.  I currently am training with a cute and opinionated thoroughbred mare as a hunter/jumper.  I love being outdoors and being fit.  Besides finding me behind a camera or in the mountains, you will find me coaching and speaking.  I love inspiring my students and clients and more importantly, they inspire me.   I love to meet new friends so feel free to fine me at


CLaudia Schmidt-1.jpg

Claudia Schmidt

Location: Big Sky, MT
Horse Name: Clyde and Zeke


  • 2019 Novice Winner at Red Lodge National Finals
A Novice Rider holds the title at Red Lodge National Finals in 2019.    Look for Claudia's story in our upcomng Skijoring Magazine.....



Jennifer Butler

Location: Whitefish MT
Horse Name: Royaleigh
Horse Breed: Bay Thoroughbred Gelding (OTTB)


  • 2020 Sports Winner at San Juan, Ridgway, CO



Rowdy Gadeberg

Location: Columbia Falls MT



Kristen House

Location: Whitefish MT
Horse Name: Roxi
Horse Breed: AQHA Quarter Horse



Erik Mikkelson

Location: Albuquerque NM



Tom Finley

Location: Bozeman MT



Trae McInroe

Location: Mead WA



Kim Aho

Location: Bozeman MT


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