Skijoring finals combine competition with community

Billing Gazette | March 10, 2019Photo Credit: Adam Fondren Billing GazetteRob Poirier can’t let go of the rope.The skijoring veteran turns 58 soon, and has been trailing horses on his skis since 1997, when he went begging around a competition at Red Lodge for a riding partner.“I’m worn out, man,” he said. “This is pretty brutal on an old body... (but) I can’t stop because it’s fun, it’s addicting. I was hooked the first time.”More than 130 other teams joined Poirier at...



Skijor USA brings new competition to Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Pilot | January 25, 2019Skijor USA is bringing one of its competitions to Steamboat Springs this weekend. (Photo courtesy of Mark LaRowe)STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Skijor USA is hoping to grow the sport by holding its first-ever skijoring races in Steamboat Springs this weekend.Skijoring teams consist of a rider, a horse and a skier. The rider drives the horse while the skier is pulled by a long hemp rope from behind the horse. The name, “skijoring” is derived from a...



Skijoring - Not Your Average Winter Sport

Wyoming Public Media | March 1, 2019Skier Gwen Parker and rider Kristen Yazzie compete at the Third Annual Saratoga Skijoring Races. | Eric KrszjzanieWhat do you get when you put together a horse, a pair of skis, and two daredevils? It's an old sport that's being revived across our region.It's not unusual to see horses on the prairie outside of Saratoga in southeastern Wyoming. But the ones I was looking at were not so usual. They were wearing a saddle-normal-with a...


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