Skijoring Is Basically Skiing Behind a Horse and It's Pretty Wild


Wide Open Pets | Jan. 15, 2019

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If you're looking for a fast-paced winter sport that combines skiing and horseback riding, then you may want to try out skijoring. 

Skijoring ("ski driving" in Norwegian) might just be on its way to becoming one of the top horse sports in North America. The sport involves towing a skier (or rollerblader) with a water skiing handle behind a galloping horse. Both the horse and the skier must navigate an obstacle race course of sorts.

The sport can also be done behind skijoring dogs, mostly northern breeds, but Golden Retrievers and German Shorthaired Pointers have been known to compete. In the dog sledding sport the skier is usually cross-country skiing while skijoring behind a horse usually requires alpine ski gear.

Many courses involve jumps, and some include rings that the rider and skier must grab while passing by. Sometimes slalom gates are thrown in there. Skijoring is typically completed over snow, but a summertime version allows for rollerbladers and horses to travel over grass turf and jumps.

The video below includes runs performed at the 5th Annual Skijoring Competition in Silverton, Colorado, but the World Championship is normally held in Whitefish, Montana as part of the annual Winter Carnival. You can tell that the skijoring event is highly popular, and states which have lots of ski resorts are naturally set up to host these competitions.

Competitions can accommodate teams consisting of the beginner to the advanced competitor, and just about anyone can compete in this fun sport.



Published on 7/17/2019 (255 days ago)

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