Skijoring Video from Skiers Perspective

Jackson Hole Mountain ResortSkijoring from the Skiers perspectiveSkijoring is perhaps the perfect representation of the historic crossroad of cowboys and skiers in Jackson Hole, WY. The sport consists of an adrenaline-packed 15-20 seconds where a skier gets pulled behind a horse, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour while maneuvering various gates and obstacles. Put yourself in the middle of the action and enjoy this 100% GoPro video....



Skijoring - Not Your Average Winter Sport

Maggie Mullen | Image: Skier Gwen Parker and rider Kristen Yazzie compete at the Third Annual Saratoga Skijoring Races.Eric KrszjzaniekWhat do you get when you put together a horse, a pair of skis, and two daredevils? It's an old sport that's being revived across our region.It's not unusual to see horses on the prairie outside of Saratoga in southeastern Wyoming. But the ones I was looking at were not so usual. They were wearing a...



Ski Racing With a Rope

By Matt Crossett | Skijoring MagazineBeing on the skiing side of a team is no joke, especially if you want to play with the big boys - the big boys being the open division. That being said, not all courses are equal. There are a few cultural rules in skijoring that separate northern races from southern.There are a few simple things to know in the North vs the South Skijoring Culture. In the south, there are a lot more rings for the skiers to collect. Plus, they must hold...



Horse Power

By Brooke Howell | Skijoring MagazineRunning on snow Snow and ice are not as easy for horses to run on as dirt or turf. Riders have different options to help their horse with traction. Going barefoot can help a horse to have a natural traction. The way a horse’s hoof is trimmed and in balance can also help them with traction and balance. Different types of shoes can help. Taking a regular shoe and melting bohrium on the toes, sides, and heels can turn a regular shoe into...



Skijoring, winter’s wildest sport

Bloomberg News | January 17, 2018For those propelled through life in pursuit of adrenaline, in wintertime finding ever-newer forms of entertainment can be a challenge if you have already conquered downhill skiing, uphill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, heli-skiing, snowboarding, racing car driving on an ice field, and even gone as far as to rent out a whole mountain and buy a Ferrari-red Sno-Cat to partake in all of the above.What is a humble...



Whitefish woman discovers competitive side in skijoring

The Daily Interlake | February 4, 2019Jennifer Butler, 52, and Royal at her Whitefish home on Jan. 25. When Butler decided she wanted to go for gold, she found her winning ticket in Royal, a former race horse who brought the much-needed element speed to her skijoring team. (Kianna Gardner/Daily Inter Lake) For Minnesota native Jennifer Butler, it took a few friends, a fast horse and 45 years before she found out she had a competitive side.Not long after she moved to...



Skijoring Is Basically Skiing Behind a Horse and It's Pretty Wild

Wide Open Pets | Jan. 15, 2019Photo Credit:If you're looking for a fast-paced winter sport that combines skiing and horseback riding, then you may want to try out skijoring. Skijoring ("ski driving" in Norwegian) might just be on its way to becoming one of the top horse sports in North America. The sport involves towing a skier (or rollerblader) with a water skiing handle behind a galloping horse. Both the horse and the skier must navigate an obstacle race course of...



The Building of a Skijoring “Dream Team”

County 17 | February 21, 2019Josh Stallman and skier Lane McKenney practice on Jack Morey’s skijoring course in preparation of this weekend’s winter rodeo. Photo by Sandra Wallop.It began as a casual conversation over wine at a cocktail party.While discussing the upcoming inaugural winter rodeo and skijoring competition, Elizabeth Windsor and Sandra Wallop decided they wanted to put together a team.To do so, they realized, would require importing other athletes, because...



Skijoring: Pro tips from someone who’s done it once

Explore Big Sky | February, 2019Skijoring is a unique Western tradition that brings together cowboy and ski culture into a an entertaining spectacle that requires coordination between a horse, rider and skier. PHOTO BY MARK LAROWE By Bay Stephens EBS Staff WriterWe decided we wanted to represent Outlaw Partners in the second annual Best of the West Showdown skijoring event held in Big Sky Town Center Feb. 9-10. The Big Sky Skijoring Association organized the two-day...



Skijoring USA National Championship Final in West Yellowstone means more than the wins

Montana Sports | March 23, 2019Photo Credit: Montana SportsWEST YELLOWSTONE — 83 teams flocked to West Yellowstone on Saturday for the final Skijor race of the year, the USA National Championship.And being in the home state is definitely an advantage for Montanans.“It’s awesome I love it,” Great Falls native James Rowen said. “It’s only a four and a half drive for me being from Great Falls. I love it, it’s good.”The track for this race was a strait that was roughly...


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